Blowing the Whistle in the Public Sector

In 2003, Andrew Wilkie, who was then a senior government analyst, rocketed into the national consciousness by blowing the whistle on support for military action against Iraq. Wilkie is now a member of federal parliament and has championed protection for whistleblowers, particularly in the public sector. What the law says This was enacted by Parliament[…]

Sticks and Stones: The Physical Impact of Bullying

With the federal government increasingly exercising its legislative muscle when it comes to workplace bullying, employers are expected to be vigilant in prevention and to properly deal with bullying when issues arise.¬†One of the key areas is work health and safety (WHS) and the physical impact of workplace bullying. WHS requirements WHS legislation requires that[…]


of people experiencing
bullying or harassment
do not report it


do not report for
fear of negative


of fraud is
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of businesses will
experience economic crime
in next 12 months

A confidential Whistleblower Hotline
is an essential part of your risk prevention strategy.